An introduction to Zite3

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An introduction to Zite3
Working with websites, have made us realize how seldom web pages are being updated. This is mostly due to the fact, that traditional internet tools are slow and cumbersome to work with. That’s why we have developed the most intuitive solution on the market today, called Zite3 Content Management System.
Zite3 is a server based solution, that aims at managing and delivering relevant information to the end users, whether they are individuals or part of one or more  user groups. The fact that it’s server based, gives you the comfort of knowing that all software runs on a central server. To manage and edit the content, all you will ever need - is a web browser!
By using this simple approach, we enable the editors to work with the website without ever having to install any software on the local computer. In fact, the editor can work with the website, from virtually any internet connected computer.
Working directly on the server, enables you to work with live data. And it allows an unlimited number of users to work on the website simultaneously. Using traditional internet tools, only one person could work with the site, and would have to transfer all changes to the website manually. This is usually a slow and cumbersome process. But by using Zite3, all changes to a website will be online the second the editor hits the update button.
A major part in developing a website, is the time spend on the programming tasks. We have often created solutions for customers where the basic bits and pieces are the same, but we still had to begin from the bottom up, and bill the customers for it.
It didn’t feel right to bill our customers for doing basicly the same job over and over again with some adjustments. So, with 5 years of experiences in the field of creating professional websites, we asked our customers for a list of wishes, and gathered up a lot of useful data. Combining their input with our knowledge, helped us in creating the foundation for a product that would fulfil our customers wishes and take them further.