An introduction to Zite3

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An introduction to Zite3
Even though Zite3 is a standard tool, the solutions created with Zite3 are far from standard. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel, instead you let Zite3 lay down the foundation for a successful solution by taking care of all the tedious and trivial tasks. This leaves you with the creative tasks, and the sure path to a successful presence on the internet.
Design and content are 2 separate things. A designer creates a template for the website, and sets up the colours and fonts to be used. Once the designer has created the images and the look and feel that is desired, the editors can take over.

When working with Zite3, the editors only have to focus on the content. Zite3 will always make sure that the design, colours and styles remains the same.

Zite3 is born with a set of templates, ready to use. You can have a designer modify them for your needs or you can, as an advanced user, implement any custom template and/or design into Zite3.
For many organizations, the task of creating and maintaining a website exceeds the time and effort that they wish to put into it – unless they use zite3!

Earlier on, we have educated “web-masters” at public and private organizations. And to tell the truth, it was not an easy task. Even the more skilled people, needed much time to get to know the tools, and when they did, they still had to spend a considerably large amount of time on keeping their websites up to date.
The “web-master” in an organization is often a person with other responsibilities, and still the only person who is able to make changes on the website. In other words, the entire organization relies on that person, and that often leads to heavily delayed updates to the website – if it ever gets updated.