An introduction to Zite3

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An introduction to Zite3
Zite3 Standard edition
This solution is aimed at organizations that are aware of their immediate needs, and requires an economical sound platform to start out on. This ensures that the website can grow painlessly, and that the functionality can easily be expanded when the need arises.
Zite3 Enterprise Edition
The typical customer for this type of solution is public organizations, companies of a certain size and international organizations that wants a clear profile on the internet, and an intranet with plenty of functionality. The enterprise edition is also for those who needs the ability to run several independent website, perhaps in different languages.

We built Zite3 to support plug-in modules, so that it would be as easy to extend and work with as building-bricks.

Zite3 Modules
Zite3 is built to support modules that can extend the possibilities of Zite3 endlessly. These are incorporated so that all modules share data, when applicable. If one of the many modules for Zite3 does not suit your needs, its also possible to have custom modules made for special purposes.

For more information on modules and their functionality, please contact us.