An introduction to Zite3
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Zite3 is a content management system that dares to do what others have never done. Build on top of one of the most reliable Unix server systems using standard software, Zite3 offers you the speed and security that you deserve.

Zite3 has been built to be a true multi-user server-based system. This gives you the tools to let multiple employees work simultaniusly on the same website. And what's even better - you don't have to install and maintain any software at all. Any PC with a fairly new web browser such as Internet Explorer 5.5 can be used to work with a Zite3 website from any location in the world.

Zite3 is easy to use. The most important part of Zite3 is the user interface that the editors use, and we have put a lot of effort into making sure that it is simple, intuitive and fast to work with.
Zite3 is the foundation for much more than meets the eye. The core of Zite3 has been built to support plugin modules, allowing you to enhance your website with the functionality you need.

The magic happens when we add the modules. The modules are the building bricks that allows you to enhance your website with the functionality you need, and it allows us to develop new functionality easily and fast.

Modules can be added to a website at any time. This ensures that you don't have to re-create your entire website whenever you need new functionality.